Host a Safe and Socially Distanced Wedding Ceremony

Planned a wedding in 2020 and wondering how Covid-19 may affect your plans?
Even though we face unprecedented challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there are unexpected ways in which the tough situation has brought us all together. At The Grande Reception & Function Centre, it has always been our goal to perfectly plan your wedding and make it an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. The sudden change of circumstances may be distressing but as we face this storm together, we are always here to help you. Read on to discover ways in which you can host socially distanced weddings in 2020. We assure of supporting you through this difficult time.
Limited Dates Available for 2020 Weddings
Your safety is important to us and even with limited slots available in 2020, we are offering a huge discount. While flexibility is required on your part to limit the number of guests, we will do everything in our capacity to make the event a magical one for you and your guests. We will help you plan a November or December wedding and make it a celebration that will be cherished forever. We have been adhering to stringent cleaning and hygienic procedures to make our venue safe for you. Moreover, our spacious venue offers plenty of space to enable you to successfully host a socially distanced reception.
We Are Accepting 2021 Bookings
Given the uncertainty, you may want to postpone and consider a new date for your wedding. We understand your concerns and will be happy to support and accommodate your requirements. You can host your wedding in 2021 with 100 or more guests. We will honour the original agreement in case you have already made a booking for 2020. If you are looking for a wedding reception centre for a 2021 wedding, get in touch with us. We are open for viewing for new bookings for 2021 and are taking great care to maintain a hygienic and pristine venue. You can connect with us to schedule a viewing and discuss your requirements.

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