Grande Menu


(S) – Standard
(O) – Optional
(V) – Vegetarian


Welcome your guests in our spacious foyer for drinks and canapés to start the night off before being greeted into the venue. Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic option available.

Indulge in a variety of four dips, such as creamy tzatziki, traditional hummus, smoky eggplant or spicy capsicum, served with  Lebanese pita bread.

Savour an assortment of four cold meats, feta cheese, and pickled vegetables, with a Halal option available.

Enjoy a traditional Italian appetiser, with toasted crunchy bread topped with juicy diced tomato, sweet Spanish onion, and fruity olive oil.

Relish in the fresh and tangy flavours of a finely chopped parsley salad, with juicy tomatoes, fragrant mint, wholesome bulgur, and a zesty dressing.

Explore the rich and refreshing tastes of a classic Middle Eastern salad, featuring crisp lettuce, toasted Lebanese pita bread and a citrusy dressing.

Delight in large, succulent South Australian prawns, paired with a zesty lemon and cocktail sauce.

Enjoy the smoky, savoury flavours of grilled ground beef Balkan sausages, served on a platter.

Sharing platter of perfectly cooked tender chicken wings for each table.

Selection of carrots, celery, olives and cheese to share. Perfectly paired with our assorted dips platter.


Indulge in the light and crispy goodness of a lightly crumbed Hake fillet, served with lemon and parmesan rocket salad.

Delight in the delicate and creamy flavour of a puff pastry cup filled with tender chicken, fragrant mushrooms, and a parmesan rocket salad.

Savor the comforting and cheesy goodness of tube-shaped pasta, filled with spinach and ricotta, and topped with a rich Napolitana sauce.

Enjoy the hearty and savoury taste of square pasta filled with meat, paired with a flavourful Napolitana sauce. Available in Spinach & Ricotta also.

Explore the rich and creamy flavour of meat-filled round pasta, paired with a luscious white sauce and grated parmesan cheese. Available in Spinach & Ricotta also.

Satisfy your craving for a hearty and comforting classic, with our chef’s homemade lasagne served in chunky meat sauce.

Indulge in the buttery and marinated flavours of boneless John Dory fillet, served with lemon and a parmesan rocket salad.

Main course

Elevate your wedding feast with our delectable main course options, prepared to perfection and served with seasonal vegetables and your choice of rice or mash potato.

Savour a tender breast chicken fillet marinated with mushrooms and tomatoes, topped with a white creamy sauce.

Experience the richness of a tender breast chicken fillet in a preparation of garlic, onions, black olives, and topped with Napolitana sauce.

Indulge in the supreme breast of chicken, crumbed and topped with a homemade Napolitana sauce.

Succulent pork roasted marinated in selected spices served with a smooth gravy.

A juicy and flavorful cut of beef eye fillet that is roasted to perfection, served with a smooth gravy that adds richness and depth to every bite.

A boneless lamb that is roasted to perfection, the tender and juicy meat is coated with a rich marinade, served with a smooth gravy that harmonizes perfectly with the natural flavour of the lamb.

Succulently slow roasted lamb shank. Prepared and marinated with vegetables, herbs and spices. Served with a rich gravy.


An arrangement of the season’s fresh fruit on a paraded platter


Soft and fluffy strawberry crepe served with a luscious strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries.

Delight in the decadent chocolate profiteroles filled with creamy custard and dressed with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Our creamy cheesecake is set on a rich shortbread crumb and crowned with forest-fresh berries.

Experience the classic indulgence of our sticky date pudding, topped with a rich butterscotch sauce.

Savor the indulgent and moist chocolate mud cake, injected with a rich and creamy chocolate that oozes out when warm.

Our tangy and delightful lemon meringue tart features a shortcrust pastry shell filled with a zesty lemon custard and crowned with a fluffy meringue.

Indulge in our velvety smooth chocolate or strawberry mousse, decorated with fresh cream and topped with a cherry and wafer.

Our hot apple strudel features deliciously spiced apples wrapped in delicate pastry, served with a choice of ice cream or fresh cream.


We are pleased to offer a wide selection of refreshing beverages to accompany your meals. All drinks will be served directly to your tables throughout the event, ensuring that you and your guests will have access to a variety of drinks for your utmost convenience.

Selection of Cola, Lemon Squash & Orange Juice. Other selections available upon request.

Victoria Bitter or Carlton Draught long neck selection to choose from.

Hardys Wine — Red Shiraz, Chardonnay, Moscato and Sauvignon Blanc to choose from.

Hardys Brut Reserve Champagne.

Premium spirit bottle for each table. Selections of Chivas Regal, Black Label, Jack Daniels, Belvedere, Grey Goose. Other selections available by request.

We have a fully stocked bar with many choices for guests to purchase other beverages during your function. We can allow for you to leave a tab also and have your guests select their desired alcoholic beverages.