Yvonne and Jeff’s Beautiful Wedding- Flawlessly executed With Compelling Concepts

A wedding marks the celebration of love and commitment and making this day truly special by creating authentic gatherings is our goal. Elegant and understated, we ensured that Yvonne and Jeff’s wedding was infused with personal touches. With an emphasis on design, we were able to create an experience that made guests obsess over all the little details. The luxurious event was indeed a magical one!

The wedding took place in the first week of October 2019 in our gorgeous venue. The celebration was an intimate affair with about 150 guests. The purple inspired colour theme added to the bespoke elegance of the fabulous event.

A wedding does not feel complete without a good decoration and even in its simplicity, the décor at Yvonne and Jeff’s was unique and required a lot of thought. The white and purple theme worked perfectly well and beautified the backdrop. The intense details and purple palettes created a distinctively stylish occasion just the way the couple envisioned.

The couple made a striking entry with our pyrotechnic display. Dressed in a glamorous white gown, the bride looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was perfectly complemented by the groom’s white suit. From the custom naming on the ceiling to the purple draping on the bridal table table, every element of the décor resonated grandeur like none other.

The couple enjoyed a wonderful dance and the amazing catering along with the three-tiered wedding cake made the celebration an unforgettable one. The couple exited in a Stretch Purple Hummer to take them away for their honeymoon.

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