A Mercedes-Benz Entry, a Dragon Dance and a Sweet Couple Made this Wedding Perfect

Spring is the beginning of everything good. There couldn’t have been a better time for Suzan and Alex to begin their journey of love than the month that symbolises love, hope and prosperity. The couple got married late September. This was one bright and cheery couple that enjoyed every moment of the celebration.

Making the wedding special for this sweet couple was a task we enjoyed. The theme, bouquets, and the overall presentation were conceived with the couple’s culture and personality in mind.

We had a black-and-white theme at the wedding. Suzan was a beautiful bride in an exquisite white lace gown. Her minimalist jewellery complemented her attire beautifully. The groom was a perfect match in black. The guests were supportive, making the day memorable for the couple with their black-and-white ensemble.

We used pristine white flower arrangement to match the theme.

The gorgeous bride entered the venue with a lush white bouquet in her hand.

White flowers graced the dining tables, reception venue, and the dance floor. Reception tables too matched the wedding theme reminding the gathering that the excitement was not over yet.

Dragon is a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture and even though the show was arranged by the couple, we ensured that every detail of the dragon show was in sync with the evening. The dancers perfected the rhythm splendidly. The brilliant smile and applause received from the couple and the gathering made our day.

Even the couple’s entry was special, grand and splendid in Mercedes-Benz arranged by the couple. Followed by confetti-shower and music enveloping the couple. The couple was all smiles as they moved hand-in-hand in rhythm with the orchestra.

Good music and good times deserve a good dance. Our elaborate sunken dance floor provided all the space the couple needed to enjoy their special day and their special dance.

The spectacular lighting in the background made it easy for the couple to surrender themselves to the moment. All the guests spread themselves across the large air-conditioned venue, enjoying the music, the couple and the dance.

It was time for the wedding cake! Couple arranged a 3-layered baby cheek-coloured Swan Rose cake. The Cake carried beautiful flowers and lovey-dovey swans, which complemented the romantic mood of the ambience.

We hope we created a memorable event for Suzan and Alex on their special day. Here’s wishing the couple the best times ahead.

If you or your loved ones are getting married and are looking for inspiration to make the day special, then talk to us. The Grande Reception and Function Centre specialises in making your wedding dreams come true at affordable prices. Call us at (03) 9408 7111 today.

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