As we are all aware of the current global situation amongst our community, our federal government has imposed a ban on indoor gatherings. Unfortunately for us at The Grande and many other venues across the nation, we are facing uncharted waters.

Being a first situation like this in our 17 years of operation we encourage our valued clients to not worry as we are all in this together. We would like to guide you on this new process should you be one of our affected clients.

At this stage we are focusing our attention towards functions held up until December 31st. As COVID- 19 has introduced changes to our society on a daily basis we will be focusing on functions held after this date as information becomes further available to us.

If your function is between now and 2021 the recommendations are to postpone your event to a later date in 2021.

Minimising Guests

Taking this option up will require strictly sticking to minimising guests. Be rest assured our team will still deliver a function that will be as memorable as planned. We will have stringent cleaning and hygiene procedures in place to ensure the venue is a safe and healthy place for your guests. Further to this our venue has plenty of available space to ensure the government recommendation of a 1.5 meter spacing between individuals is met.


If you are considering postponing your event even if you are booked for 2020, we will honour your original agreement in place regardless of the date or season your function is moved to. Dates will be subject to availability and as many clients may wish to take this option with already limited dates it will be best to contact us quickly to secure the best date for you.

As we work through these difficult times and can understand the stress in organising a function under normal circumstances let alone what we are facing now, we are here to work with you on making sure you have the function you dream of. Please bear with us through this time as we are working around the clock with all our current and future clients to find suitable outcomes.


We are still available for planning weddings and functions for 2021 and beyond of 100 through to 400 guests as we would love to be a part of your special day. We welcome viewings to venue as we are ensuring a hygienic venue to visit through this time. We have sanitisers on site and are cleaning our already pristine venue regularly making sure you feel at ease visiting the venue. Please contact us to schedule a viewing of the venue or discuss what we can do for you. Bookings made for 2021 will be well looked after with package prices so best to get in early!


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