10 things to consider when choosing your wedding venue

1. Is the venue available?

One of the most important factors when selecting your venue is if they are available.

We find many of our key dates are booked well in advance, with some weddings booked close to two years in advance. Key dates for our venue are typically in spring and autumn. Wedding’s throughout summer months are the next popular.

Dates that are palindromic are also very popular such as 12/2/2021 as they have a nice aesthetic about them. Other popular dates which can be booked in advance are also aesthetic such as 12/12/2021.

If your venue of choice is not available on the date of your wedding and you’re quite set on holding your wedding reception there, you will either need to change your wedding date or search for a new venue.

Once you have found the perfect wedding venue and know it is free, book it immediately to ensure nobody else books it for your big day.

2. Is the size appropriate for your guest list?

Finding a venue that suits your guest list number is quite important not only if it will fit in your preferred venue, but also for comfort and pricing.

The last thing you want to do is have your guest sitting cheek to jowl because your venue was too small for the group you are inviting, or on the other end having far too much space within the venue. At The Grande we cater to fit from 100 to 400 guests, and we find this to be suitable to so many clients as it creates a flexible floor plan.

It is equally important with regards to pricing also as some smaller venues will have a higher minimum spend to compensate for not being able to cater larger gatherings. For us, at The Grande we offer lower pricing for more guests brought in. This provides even greater value for your money!

3. Is it friendly to your budget?

There are numerous venues to choose from for your wedding, and some will be more appealing. However, the reality is not every venue will fit within your budget.

Determine what you can afford per head before contacting venues as this will avoid the frustrations of falling in love with a wedding venue you simply cannot afford.

4. Is there nearby accommodations for guests?

If you are planning on holding your reception somewhere a little further out than usual or if you have lots of guests coming from overseas or interstate, consider whether your venue has its own accommodation or is near accommodation that will allow your guests to stay overnight.

With The Grande, we have a relationship with nearby accommodation to offer discounted rates for your guests with mention of your wedding being hosted at our venue.

5. What kind of decor is on offer?

Weddings in 2021 have become all about the decor, and ensuring your venue has sufficient decor on offer is quite important as it will help bring your dream wedding to life!

Along with this, it is important to find out if your preferred venue has any limitations to allowing external suppliers into their venue. This will assist with brining in your decorator to liven up the venue you are selecting.

At The Grande, we offer an extremely large selection of decor within our Deluxe & Premium packages already included. This allows for you to choose a look that suits your desired theme without stressing about an external supplier whilst still having your dream wedding look. We do however, still allow for you to bring in your own decorator.

6. Is access to the venue easy?

Is the venue you are looking to book easy to find? If it is located too close to busy streets? This will also impact the parking locations for your venue. Other access that is important to consider is, disabled and elderly access. With our venue, there is suitable disabled access for those who need it and we find this to be extremely helpful to the elderly guests.

7. Is there sufficient parking?

Is there adequate parking for all of your guests? If parking is lacking, this could be a factor to consider when selecting your venue as you don’t want your guests wandering the streets to locate their car after your wedding. Or likewise driving around aimlessly looking for a carpark only to miss your grand entrance! Our venue boasts 100 car spaces in our secured carpark to keep your guests stress free when attending.

8. Are tables, chairs, and other essentials provided?

When choosing your venue, don’t assume everything you see in the pictures is included. While most venues will provide chairs and tables, extra costs may be involved when it comes to dancefloors, cutlery and glasses as well as table decorations and linen. And not all venues will provide these things, so be sure to ask what is included and what you must source yourself.

9. Can I serve alcohol?

Find out if your reception venue allow couples to serve alcohol. Permits are required in many circumstances and, without one, you won’t be able to serve any alcohol. Some venues require the couple to source their own permit.

Also, check if you can bring in your own alcohol. Many venues don’t allow you to bring in your own alcohol.

10. Are there back-up plans in the event of an unexpected weather incident?

When it comes to outdoor receptions, whether you’re holding it in a public garden or a physical reception venue, be sure to ask whether there are any wet weather options in the event it rains or is too hot or a storm develops etc.

While most venues have other rooms that you can run into in the event of an unexpected weather incident, in some places, you’ll need to organise a marquee or some sort of back-up yourself.

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