Grande Menu


Bruschetta – A traditional Italian appetiser consisting of toasted pasta dura bread topped with diced tomato, Spanish onion and olive oil

Insalata di Mare – Seafood crowned with brandied cocktail sauce

Avocado Seafood – Half avocado filled the seafood & coated in cocktail sauce

Prawn Cocktail – Large South Australian prawns with lemon & cocktail sauce

Antipasto Grande – A selection of Italian appetisers accompanied by prawn and oyster boconcino cheese, prosciutto, melon, alfalfa & melanzane

Antipasto Italiano – A selection of four different meats, boconcino cheese & assorted pickles

Oysters Kilpatrick – Fresh Sydney rock oysters grilled with bacon and Worcestershire sauce

Oysters Natural – Fresh Sydney rock oysters served with cocktail sauce

Smoked Canadian Salmon – Presented on lettuce with capers, onion rings & garnish

Assorted Greek Dips – Tarama, tzatziki, eggplant, humus, roasted capsicum and many more to choose from

Philadelphia Pepper Pot  – Chef’s favourite soup, Creamy & Spicy

Minestrone  – Traditional Italian vegetable & macaroni soup

Cream of Chicken  – Thick & creamy soup with chunks of tasty chicken

French Onion  – A real traditional French brown onion soup served with cheese croutons

Pumpkin  – Thick puree soup

Lasagne  – The chef’s home made lasagna served in a chunky meat sauce

Cannelloni  – Tubes of pasta filled with your choice of either beef, spinach and ricotta, ham or lamb & finished in a Napolitana sauce

Tortellini  – A La Grande Meat filled round pasta served with bacon, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and chives in a creamy sauce

Ravioli  – Bolognese Meat filled square pasta served with a chunky meat sauce

Ravioli Matriciana  – Meat filled square pasta filled with bacon, tomato & chilli sauce

Spaghetti/Fettuccini Cabonara  – Spaghetti or fettuccini served with bacon, eggs & parmesan cheese in a creamy sauce

Selection of Pasta sauces;
Bolognese meaty tomato sauce
Napoletana tomato, onion & basil
Matriciana tomato, onion, peppers, bacon & garlic
Cabonara ham, bacon, mushroom & cream

Vol Au Vent  – Vol-Au Vent filled with either beef, chicken or seafood and served with rice & salad

Fried Fish  – Lightly crumbed Hake Fillet served with Lemon and choice of coleslaw or Mixed Salad.

Chicken/Beef Shashlik  – Marinated fillet of chicken or beef on a skewer, served on a bed of rice

Filetto di Pesce alla Milanese  – Fillet of sea perch crumbed or grilled, served with tartare sauce & salad garnishing

Whiting Fillet • Grilled or Fried  – Whiting boneless fillet served with rice or coleslaw salad & lemon

Filetto di Romdo alla  – Margherita Fillet of flounder with a selection of seafood including mussel meat, shrimps, crab meat and accompanied by savoury rice & salad

Fritto Misto  – A selection of seafood, crumbed and deep fried, served with a chef’s tartare sauce & salad garnishing

Fried Calamari  – Calamari rings fried and served on a bed of lettuce with tartare sauce & garnish

Seafood  – Crepe A mixture of seafood in a creamy white wine sauce

All dishes accompanied by in season vegetables

Chicken ~
Chasseur  – A tender chicken fillet breast served with tomato and mushrooms & topped with a white wine sauce

Cacciatore  – Fillet of chicken cooked in a preparation of garlic, mushrooms, onions, black olives, tomato concassee & white wine

Parmigiana  – Supreme breast of chicken, crumbed, pan fried and topped with a combination of ham, mozzarella cheese & Napolitana sauce

Kiev  – A breast of chicken, rolled and stuffed with garlic butter, crumbed and deep fried & served on a bed of rice with concassee sauce

Wellington  – A chicken fillet breast with mushrooms, encased in a filo pastry & topped with a white wine sauce

Arrostita  – Maryland cut of chicken, roasted in a mixture of onion, rosemary, garlic & white wine

A La Grande  – A tender plump of chicken fillet breast with seafood shallots and served in a brandy cream sauce

Veal ~
Alla Funghi  – Boned baby veal, rolled and braised with onions, herbs, spices and served with a light wine & mushroom sauce

Milanese  – Thinly sliced crumbed baby veal grilled and garnished with lemons

Parmigiana  – Thinly sliced grilled veal coated in special crumbs and garnished with ham, cheese & Napolitana sauce

Scaloppine  – Fillets of veal cooked in white wine, onions and champignons & finished with creamy volate sauce

Cordon Bleu  – Veal encircling ham and cheese, crumbed, fried & topped with tomato concassee

Lamb ~
Rack Roast – rack of lamb marinated with herbs & spices

Noisettes – Lamb marinated with rosemary, cooked onions & peppers

Roast – Spring lamb boned & roasted, served with demiglaze

Yearling Beef ~
Porterhouse – Porterhouse trimmed, grilled and served with mushrooms & gravy

Fillet – Mignon Grilled eye fillet medallion wrapped in bacon

Diane – A fillet steak seasoned with garlic, capers, Worcestershire sauce & red wine

Wellington – Prime fillet topped with pate & mushroom filling encased in pastry

Roast Loin of Beef Champignon – Beef with creamy wine & mushroom sauce

Pepper Steak – Tender beef fillet impregnated with cracked peppercorns, grilled and topped with whole green peppercorns, demi-glaze, thickened cream & brandy

Turkey Breast ~ Succulent breast of turkey basted in wine and spices

Pork ~
Roast – Succulent pork roasted with rosemary and selected spices and served with baked apple & delicate sauce

Fresh Fruit in Season – An arrangement of the season’s fresh fruit on a paraded platter

International Cheese Platter – A selection of local and imported cheeses served with greens, olives & crackers

Pizza Casalinga – Slices of home made pizza

King Prawns – A platter of king prawns served with tartare sauce & lemon

Mixed Grill – A selection of meat, chicken wings, continental sausages and kebabs, marinated & grilled to perfection

Pastizzi – Traditional Maltese pastries filled with ricotta

Piatto Di Mare Alla Grande – A seafood platter embellished with lobster, oyster, king prawns & caviar

Pavlova – Pavlova served with fruit & fresh cream

Cheese Cake – Home style cheese cake topped with fresh cream & fruit

Chocolate/Strawberry Mousse – A choice of chocolate or strawberry mousse decorated with fresh cream and topped with cherry & wafer

Strawberry Pancake – Strawberry pancake served with strawberry sauce, fresh strawberries, ice cream & fresh cream

Chocolate Profiteroles – Chocolate profiteroles filled with custard & dressed with chocolate sauce

Apple Strudel – Hot or cold apple strudel served with ice cream & fresh cream

Fresh Fruit Salad with Ice Cream – Fresh fruit served with cream or ice cream

Ice Cream
Cassata Tartufo/ Moca Baci
Gianduitto Coffee Dream
Bomba Alaska Hazelnut Supreme
Tiramisu Ice Cream Pineapple Surprise

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Excellence at its best, wonderful staff that were very accommodating and helpful, with excellence in their hospitality and food at a family wedding we attended at this venue! Thanks you for your assistance and early morning phone call in locating my wallet! Found in a safe place! Cheers
Gayle Oakley
Best Value for Money Wedding Reception in Melbourne.
Salih Karabadjak
Most recommended receptions on my list in Melbourne very friendly staff
Erhan Kurnali
One of the best Receptions I have been to.
TC Nilgul Abdurrahman
Great value for money, warm atmosphere & friendly staff.
Filiz Ipek
Great reception. Great service, drinks where always topped up, friendly staff and management and would recommend.
Daniel Masciadri
We attended 4 occasions here & it was really nice, therefore the family has decided to organise our upcoming engagement at your venue, top notch management, thanks to Saleh & Fatosh. See you this Friday
Daniel Fahd
Great venue, good food and nice staff. I especially liked the dance floor being separated from the tables.
Judy Haley
Great venue, good food and nice staff. I especially liked the dance floor being separated from the tables.
Judy Haley
Wonderful affordable venue, most patient and helpful hosts. The whole evening was planned in a calm and relaxed manner, no rush, just attention to detail and professional staff. The room was beautifully presented, and everyone had an enjoyable time. The Grande Reception can take pride in knowing that their efforts are seen and very well received. Thank you once again for making Joshua and Ailes' day so special, and one to remember.
Barbara Deen